North Las Vegas Center Ring Boxing

  After School Boxing Program

Christopher Chavez 14 year old

Dorian Espinoza 15 years old

Oscar Leal 17 year old 150#

Khai Antoine Matthews 16 year old 220#

Juan Pena 21 years old

Work hard follow your dreams

Fernando Garcia 18 year old

Alexander Flore A. K. A. DJ 8 year old

I am hoping to start fighting this year, I been coming to gym with my older brother, and my dad he is a trainer at gym.

Romero Acosta 14 year old 129#

Ivan Medina 16 year old 130#

I am hoping one day to be a World Champion

Pablo Rodriguez 23 year old 160#

Danyell Torres 8 year old

I want to be a World Champion like my godfather Jessie Vargas.

Jessenia Vargas 11 year old

My brother is Jessie Vargas, he is a World Champion. I like to play volleyball, I want to learn how to box.

Elizabeth Lopez 15 year old 101#

I like to sing.

Alexiz Dejesus 12 year old 135#

I like to sing and work out

Xochitl Rocha 14 year old 108#

Life's a trip, but aint no free rides.

Shelvy Diaz 12 year old 110#

Isac Castillo

Shamar Ware 8 year old

Jhauryse Murphy 13 year old 115#

My favorite number is 22

Jorge Lopez 33 year old 140#

I work in a casino as maintenance person

Jesus Oceja 21 year old 148#

I am a very athletic person I like to work out. Watch a lot of boxing, my favorite boxer is Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

Mia Duran

Pamela Najar 15 year old 117#

I like to play sports