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North Las Vegas Center Ring Boxing requires all competitors to improve academically. To prevent academic failure the tutorial program is as required of every club member as the training is for boxing competition. Every youth must develop a plan of academic improvement with a tutor, which includes submission of report cards, school attendance records and completing homework each week day before training. The Club offers tutoring and has computers for youth to use for school work assignments. We want our boxers to be knowledgeable about more than just boxing.
How you can help with this part of our programs is by donating any of the follow:  (put the list here in two lines so it's not so long)  Your tax deductable donations would also be very welcome.
As well as become a tutor, we especially need math and English tutors for our high school students.  Let us know when you could come by completing the volunteer form and sending it to our secretary at: [email protected]

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